Aria The Soul Market

Image, 2002
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Trade paperback fantasy graphic novel ARIA volume two THE SOUL MARKET by Brian Holguin and Brian Haberlin with art by David Yardin, Roy Martinez and Lan Medina is published by Image Comics

What is the price of a soul? When Goodfellow, the cunning and deadly sprite immortalized in Shakespeare's "Midsummer Night's Dream" comes to New York, havoc and mischief soon follow. Pursued by an unstoppable phantom knight swearing vengeance. Goodfellow turns to Kildare for protection - and offers her an irresistible reward in exchange. Convinced Goodfellow's intensions are less than pure, Kildare sifts through his trail of riddles and lies, trying to learn just what his game is. Her search leads to a secret, underground Soul Market, where spirits of humans are bought, sold and traded -- and to haunting revaluations about a past lover. A tale of love that spans ages, revenge that crosses worlds, and redemption that comes at a terrible cost, Aria: The Soul Market is an unforgettable piece of modern fantasy

 Condition: Unused, in good condition, with storage wear blunted corners and a separation of the protective plastic adhered to the book cover by manufacture ring in the upper left hand corner of the back cover along the edge that can be observed in the accompanying pictures

 Dimensions (approximately): 8  inches by 12 inches by 0.5 inches

 Made in HONG KONG