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Auction Spotlight

We continue to offer a diverse selection of pop culture and vintage collectibles in our weekly eBay auction ending Sunday, September 4th. Vintage collectibles include a 1930s Disney Mickey Mouse Reliance reverse art glass framed picture, a 1930s tin-litho wind-up Midget Tank and original box by Louis Marx and company, and a 1942 The Story Map of Flying by Ernest Dudley Chase. Other collectibles include a vintage 1946 Fawcett Comics premium Mary Marvel statuette by Kerr Company, a lot of vintage 1960s Disneyland Colorforms Set original production artwork, and a Diamond Select Toys unreleased Monty Python and the Holy Grail Galahad talking action figure prototype.


Please note that normally our products will ship Monday, but because of the Labor Day Holiday, product from this auction will be shipped Tuesday. Thanks!

Auction Highlight



Popular items that ended in week’s action on August 28th included a 1976 copy of Marvel Preview #7 Preview Satana graded at a 6.5 FN+ featuring the first appearance of Rocket Raccoon which sold for $167 after 7 bids, a limited edition Capcom Mega Man Proto Man Polystone Statue by First 4 Figures that ended after 30 bids at $162, and finally a vintage 1950s metal chrome Alan Ladd cap gun toy pistol fetched $242 after 35 bids. A buy it now auction of note that sold last week was a Marvel Comics 1973 copy of The Amazing Spider-Man #121 graded and slabbed by CGC at a 9.4 NM, which sold for $1200.

Lets Go to the Movies!

We have probably all been to the movies, turned down the lights, had a bowl of popcorn and watched amazing visual stories be told on screen. But to take a piece of that film, more than a dvd, more than a poster, home with you is not something you always had the chance to do.


 We have several lobby cards, that have been signed by the actors. On their own, Lobby Cards are collectible in nature, a bit more scare than movie posters. Smaller and easier to transport, it is easier to preserve their condition. But these are also signed by the actor or creators of those films, making them that much more special.

 The Simpsons Movie Lobby Card featuring The Simpsons family enjoying an evening at the movies, something we have probably all done, by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is signed by creator Matt Groening and an original Bart Sketch, dated 2014 in the lower right hand corner.

Our 1989 Batman lobby card features a scene from the film by Warner Brothers and DC Comics featuring and autographed by Kim Basinger and Jack Nickolson.

The 1977 Star Wars lithograph lobby card by 20th Century Fox that we have in stock is autographed by Carrie Fisher and mark Hamill in the lower left hand corner in black and blue ink including a trade mark and copyright Lucasfilms Ltd on the back.


Maybe you need something a little more original to celebrate your favorite movies. Something unique and maybe directly, or indirectly right from the film.


We offer a beautiful Creature from the Black Lagoon Casting of Creature Gill-Man Head is from the Original Mold, which comes with Mary Neeley Letter of Provenience to clarify that this hard resin and latex casting made at Universal Studios from the original mold used in the production of the original Creature of the Black Lagoon.


And lastly but not least by far, is the one of a kind original super detailed replacement face puppet of Eggs as a baby was created by LAIKA for the stop motion animated film The Boxtrolls. This is the exact animation puppet that was used on camera as featured in the beginning of the film. This item includes a Certificate of Authenticity that is not included in accompanying photos. As if its beauty wasn’t enough on its own to make it a desired collectible and statement piece, Baby Eggs is the smallest puppet every made by LAIKA and features tons of detailed articulation used to bring the character to life in the stop-motion film.


If you are interested in collectibles both pop culture and vintage, you are probably looking for a little bit of treasure. Follow a map and lead an epic quest to Baltimore Comic Con where we are launching an exciting new product: DIG Treasure Box.

For this event we are offering three diferent styles of boxes, Pop Culture, Comic Books and an exclusive Retro Gamer Theme Boxes. 

Not only is each box filled with vintage and modern collectibles, you'll have the chance to win something of even higher value! Stop by next to the Hakes Booth and find out more!


Treasure Box: Pop Culture Edition

Debuting September 2-4, 2016 at Baltimore Comic Con!

Convention Exclusive Pricing: $20


Our Treasure Box (Pop Culture Edition) is different than other boxes with around ten vintage and modern collectibles items that have a combined $60 dollar retail value + these convention exclusive boxes have admission for two at the Geppi's Entertainment Museum.

Each box contains items such as graphic novels, toys, pins, houseware items and more!

What makes this a convention exclusive? To maintaine our level of dedication in shipping, our non-convention exclusive packages will have a fewer items, and in some cases less delicate items, in order to make sure that they get to you in one piece. 



Treasure Box: Comic Book Edition

Debuting September 2-4, 2016 at Baltimore Comic Con!

Convention Exclusive Pricing: $20

The Comic Book Edition Treasure Box features 40 bagged and boarded Modern and Bronze Age comics with a VG or better grade that have a combined $80 guide value.   

Because of the weight and cost of shipping, right now the Comic Book Edition Treasure Box is only available at conventions


Treasure Box: Classic Video Game Edition

Debuting September 2-4, 2016 at Baltimore Comic Con!

Convention Exclusive Pricing: $25

The Classic Video Game Edition Treasure Box has over ten classic gamer theme items with over $80 retail value!  Items include toys, household items and more!

 We only have 11 of these, so get them while they last!


Use the hashtag #digfortreasure to show off of what you got and find out what other people are discovering in their treasure boxes. Our boxes are made in small batches so you may not get the same thing as others.


The color bronze is used to depict a whole generation of comics from 1970 to 1983, but is also used in art and monument. We offer several bronze statues (both plated and true) that capture several important characters in comics and pop-culture history.



Toy Story marked Pixar’s first film, and to honor the 20th anniversary and achievement the D23 Expo went all out with a 14 inch Limited Edition Buzz Lightyear and Woody Bronze Figure. Only 60 of these figures were ever produced and it is designed by Ron Cohee. This poly-resin figure actually features a bronze colored finished BUZZ LIGHTYEAR holding WOODY'S hand as they take off. Figure includes batteries, lights up at the end of the wings, and has 20th Anniversary mark on the bottom of the figure.

Created by Brian Puldio and Steve Hughes, Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 in December 1991. Over twenty one years later, she had survived several company transitions as she herself transitioned from villain to hero. She is memorialized in this limited edition Lady Death fine art bronze statue produced by CS Moore Studio in 2013. Statue depicts Lady Death herself holding a sword atop a rich green polished marble base. Made from the original cold-cast porcelain sculpture by Clayburn Moore, each piece is produced in the traditional lost wax method and hand-finished with painstaking attention to detail and includes sophisticated patinas and only 30 were cast.

The Yellow Kid is credited as the first newspaper comic strip, so who more deserving of a bronze statue as commemoration to Richard F. Outcault’s contribution to the comics world.  Yellow Kid Bronze Edition statue by Randy Bowen is a true bronze statue produced in 1995 in commemoration of the 100th Anniversary of The Yellow Kid.  This bronze statue was created by noted character sculptor Randy Bowen for Gemstone Publishing. With a limited edition of only 100 units, The Yellow Kid Bronze Edition is one of the rarest Bowen sculptures on the market. It comes with a numbered Certificate of Authenticity signed by Bowen, and a matching-numbered signed lithograph of an original Yellow Kid painting produced by Bowen to accompany each statue. The statue itself is signed by Bowen in gold ink on the reverse side of the base. As an added bonus, The Yellow Kid Bronze Edition has a "secret compartment" in the faux-marble base containing a gold Yellow Kid ring also sculpted by Bowen.  Each individual component of this rare collectible (statue, certificate, lithograph, ring, and box) is like-numbered to enable verification that all pieces belong together.

Artist Spotlight: Ethan Van Sciver

Ethan Van Sciver



Ethan Van Sciver is credited as a DC Colorist, Inker, Penciller, Finisher, Layout, Writer, Cover, Artist, Variant Cover Artist. Best known for his work with the Green Lantern, his artwork is rich in details and rewards you every time you look at it. With each look, you will continue to discover and appreciate new intricacies within the details that bring the characters and environments to life. 



We have several pages available, each is authentic, in great condition and signed by the artist.



To view our collection of Ethan Van Sciver artwork click here