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Spotlight: Mike Hinge


Mike Hinge (1931-2003)

Mike Hinge is New Zealand artist who relocated to America and is known for this graphic unique and iconic style, was never a fully-fledged comic book success despite his obvious talent for science fiction storytelling. “He Illustrated many covers an interiors for American science fiction magazines, Amazing Science Fiction, Fantastic and Analog, as well as appearing in the graphic magazine Heavy Metal,” Tom Cardy explains in Hinges Obituary.


These pieces were purchased from the estate Hinge left after his death. They capture both the visual storytelling and graphic design genius in which he commanded, dispite his unrespected potential. His use of color, space and line show strong command for the art elements and a confidence that comes from a fountain of creativity that continues to inspire. The Mike Hinge Experience captures Hinge's art in a book format portfolio, while other pieces found feature expressive color, science fiction space exploration and general graphic design studies.



(Broadway has sold) 

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