Complete Set of 4: DC Comics TV Hotel Room Key Cards

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COMPLETE SET of FOUR: SAN DIEGO COMIC CON 2015 EXCLUSIVE DC Comics television shows which includes ARROW (CW Network), THE FLASH (CW Network) , GOTHAM (FOX) and SUPERGIRL (CBS). Arrow, The Flash, and Gotham feature advertisements for pre-ordering and catching up on the previous season with Amazon Instant Video. Exclusively available to hotel guests of SDCC 2015.

These sets are limited and will not be available much longer, so please get yours today! 

Condition: Used, in great condition, with very light surface wear that can be observed in the accompanying pictures 

[***NOTE: While the majority of the cards are unused and contain no usage marks other than those created by their own storage, used cards may or may not be included in the set you receive. We must list them as used because the sets are pre-sorted with no regard to separation of used/unused cards. ***]


  Dimensions (approximately): 2 inches by 3.5 inches each

No original packaging

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