Heavy Gear Rulebook (Hard Cover)

Dream Pod 9, Inc., 2000
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Second Edition hard cover HEAVY GEAR RULEBOOK Into the Eye of the Storm The Science Fiction Roleplaying and Tactical Game is published by Dream Pod 9, Inc. Contains a simple and elegant Silhouette game engine, a highly acclaimed system that uses the classic 6-sided dice, complete roleplaying rules, tactical rules and guidelines for campaigns, rules to use tactical systems as hexless miniature tabletop system, twenty illustrated archetypes, fully illustrated descriptions of game stats for eight gears and two striders

Condition: Used, and in good condition, with blunted corners, a ding across the top front cover, the first page on the inside in the upper left has frayed edge and the spine has a ding ontop of the bottom text starting with "Introduction" and the back cover spine is wrinkly as can be observed in the accompanying pictures
Dimensions (approximately): 8.25 inches by 11 inches by 0.75 inches

No original packaging present 

Made in Canada