Lets Go to the Movies!

We have probably all been to the movies, turned down the lights, had a bowl of popcorn and watched amazing visual stories be told on screen. But to take a piece of that film, more than a dvd, more than a poster, home with you is not something you always had the chance to do.


 We have several lobby cards, that have been signed by the actors. On their own, Lobby Cards are collectible in nature, a bit more scare than movie posters. Smaller and easier to transport, it is easier to preserve their condition. But these are also signed by the actor or creators of those films, making them that much more special.

 The Simpsons Movie Lobby Card featuring The Simpsons family enjoying an evening at the movies, something we have probably all done, by Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation is signed by creator Matt Groening and an original Bart Sketch, dated 2014 in the lower right hand corner.

Our 1989 Batman lobby card features a scene from the film by Warner Brothers and DC Comics featuring and autographed by Kim Basinger and Jack Nickolson.

The 1977 Star Wars lithograph lobby card by 20th Century Fox that we have in stock is autographed by Carrie Fisher and mark Hamill in the lower left hand corner in black and blue ink including a trade mark and copyright Lucasfilms Ltd on the back.


Maybe you need something a little more original to celebrate your favorite movies. Something unique and maybe directly, or indirectly right from the film.


We offer a beautiful Creature from the Black Lagoon Casting of Creature Gill-Man Head is from the Original Mold, which comes with Mary Neeley Letter of Provenience to clarify that this hard resin and latex casting made at Universal Studios from the original mold used in the production of the original Creature of the Black Lagoon.


And lastly but not least by far, is the one of a kind original super detailed replacement face puppet of Eggs as a baby was created by LAIKA for the stop motion animated film The Boxtrolls. This is the exact animation puppet that was used on camera as featured in the beginning of the film. This item includes a Certificate of Authenticity that is not included in accompanying photos. As if its beauty wasn’t enough on its own to make it a desired collectible and statement piece, Baby Eggs is the smallest puppet every made by LAIKA and features tons of detailed articulation used to bring the character to life in the stop-motion film.

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