Bridging the gap between the perceived snobbery of "serious" literature in the late 19th Century and the beginnings of budget-priced mass-market paperback books in the post-war 1940s, pulp magazines brought written entertainment to the masses. Predominent themes included stories of adventure, crime and mystery, fantasy, horror, science fiction, westerns, and any other topics of potential interest to a predominently young male readership.

The pulp era brought us such legendary characters as The Shadow, Doc Savage, Tarzan, The Spider, and The Avenger. Pulps also introduced us to the literary talents of H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, Dashiell Hammett, and many more.

Weird Tales Vol. 45 No. 6

Featuring: "Effie's Pets" by Suzanne Pickett


Weird Tales Vol. 46 No. 8

Featuring: "the Survivor" by H.P. Lovecraft & August Derleth