Week 40 Highlights - CGC COMICS

Popular items that ended our auction last week on Sunday, October 9, included a variety of CGC graded and slabbed comics. Captain Midnight #5 by Fawcett graded at a 7.5 FN- from 1943 sold for $281. DC Comics Green Lantern #5 graded at a 7.5 FN- from 1961 and featuring a Hector Hammond appearance sold for $256. Golden age DC Comics 1945 Batman #27 graded at a 5.0 and featuring a Penguin appearance sold for the opening bid of $350. Also selling for its opening bid, DC Comics Green Lantern #9 graded at a 9.2 NM- and featuring the first appearance of the Jordan brothers sold for $750. GCG comics were even popular this week in their buy-it-now style listings as we also sold a Marvel Comics 1968 Sub-Mariner #1 featuring the Sub-Mariner’s origin, graded at a 9.2 NM-, sold for $600 dollars. 

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